A Dog’s Life – For Chico & Lucy

What is a dog’s life?

Is it lazy days without a care?

Is it food appearing from thin air?

Is it one long ride with windows open?

Is it a life-long bond that’s never broken?

Is it love, affection without expecting?

Is it a belly rub you know you’re getting?

It’s all the above, and so much more.

It’s loving your human without keeping score.

If you had kept score would I come up short?

Did I love enough, was I a good sport?

Did I keep all my promises when you were a pup?

Did I exhaust every measure and never give up?

The years have long passed; my heart is still broken.

I miss all the rides with the windows wide open.

I miss you both being lazy, your lives without care.

I miss making food appear out of thin air.

I miss all the love and all the affection.

I miss all the endless pleads for attention.

You were all the above, and to me so much more.

You gave me so much I can’t even that score.


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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