The “HUMAN?” Race

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I like connecting with people. I like making new friends. I like establishing relationships with people who have similar interests to mine. It has put me in touch with a great base of people who have the same passion for animals that I have.

That intertwining of like-minded souls has extreme disadvantages too. I get to see the abject cruelty of my fellow man. I get to see photos of animals found in trash bags, animals that have had their muzzles blown off because some idiot thought it would be funny to put a firecracker in the mouth of a dog or cat. I’ve seen animals that are burned, beaten and left to die. I’ve seen dogs so skinny from starvation that I can’t even breathe. I’ve seen the worst of human nature. How CAN we call ourselves human? How CAN we raise children that think pranks like this are ok? How CAN we look at our own pets romping around the house and not feel a sense of obligation to help those that are barely living?

I know times are hard now. I know that the economy is down, that jobs are scarce, that people are working day & night just to keep it together. I’m out of work myself. But how does that give us the right to dispose of our humanity? How does that give us the right to turn a blind eye to an animal (or person) in need? How can we look ourselves in the mirror each day when we decide that the furry companion we took into our homes..the one that depends on us for everything has become too much of a burden? What are we teaching our children when we decide to no longer honor that committment to another being? What have we done with our humanity?

But, in spite of the horror I’ve seen; in spite of the cruelty I’ve witnessed I have seen people who have the heart to step in. I’ve seen the happy endings that opening up your heart can bring. I have one of those dogs romping around my kitchen right now. It wasn’t cheap. It wasn’t easy. There were dog fights and vet bills and many nights that I wondered if I was doing the right thing. But when I look at her my heart melts. I can’t imagine where she’d be if no one rescued her. What about your dog or cat? Where did he or she come from? Be happy if you are part of the solution. Be happy even if you can donate a dollar. Be happy if you can provide education for people who think beating a dog is the correct way to discipline an animal. But most of all be BRAVE. Speak up, speak out. Don’t just walk by, and don’t assume that one person can’t make a difference.

One person can make ALL the difference.


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5 Responses to The “HUMAN?” Race

  1. Carol Bryant says:

    Amen to this, Anita. Be brave indeed.

  2. afabulous50 says:

    Thanks Carol. I just wish we could cast the message out with a wider net.

  3. lunachyq says:

    Beautifully put! And so true. How does a person become the person that tortures an animal? I don’t expect everyone to share my passion for animals but for goodness sake, at the very least do not harm them.

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