Out There – A Love Match

In order to meet the man of my dreams
I have to get “out there” at least so it seems.

But “out there’s” a place that’s quite hard to reach.
I’ve been to the bars, I’ve been to the beach.
I’ve been to the mall and the grocery store.
I’ve been to Home Depot, and oh so much more.

It gets me depressed each time I see
women find men the minute they’re free!
I don’t understand why no interest in me.
Is there something about me that I just can’t see?

Do I spit when I talk? Is my hair just too short?
Is my profile to wordy? Am I just a dork?
My heart’s open; I’m warm; not demanding a bit,
why do you think you and I aren’t a fit?


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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