Call Me

I have three phones in house but they really don’t ring.
Texting it seems has become quite the thing.
It’s fast, and it’s easy, no skill involved here.
No yelling or screaming into someone’s ear.

Our speaking skills suffer, they’ve gone down the drain.
No conversation to stimulate the brain.
No need for spelling, no need to think.
No wonder people skills are now on the brink.

Put down the laptop, put down the phone.
Stop being Apple’s excuse for a drone.
Learn how to write, and learn how to speak
Call your Aunt Mary. Write your friend Pete.

Perhaps if all people would meet face-to-face
Our humanity would be in a far better place.
No words misconstrued, no tone implications
No losing touch, no text complications

I’d never wonder what you meant by that text
I’d never worry about what’s coming next.
Let’s make a vow for some real one-on-one
Just call me and tell me our friendship’s not done.


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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