Rods & Screws (A Rhyme)

The surgeon takes his knife and slices quickly through the skin
MRIs and X-rays show him where to put it in
The patient lies unconscious in a sleep without a dream
The time is logged from start to finish
They work quickly as a team

Recovery is a slow and painful process we all know
No bending, twisting, lifting, you had better take it slow
A little bit of walking surely helps to pass the time
A vodka kills the pain with just a simple twist of lime.

You wonder if this life you’ve lived will ever be the same
Will you ever have the eagerness to jump back in the game
Your surgeon tells you one day you can do all that you love
He smiles, unaffected, as he slips on latex gloves.


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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One Response to Rods & Screws (A Rhyme)

  1. Carol Bryant says:

    Thinking of you and hoping all goes well…

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