A Rescued Life (For Abby)


At eight weeks old you took me;
tossed me straight into a box.
Drove me miles from my mother
to be part of breeding stock.

I was kept inside the basement
while you lived your life upstairs.
No softness, only harshness
while you lived without a care.

For food I ate the scraps you tossed
I chewed my cage for “fun”
For a bath you turned the hose on me
I had no place else to run.

The days went by so slowly
I had wondered what I’d done.
Two years passed by imprisoned
I had yet to see the sun.

The only touch I had
was when you tried to make me breed.
But your hands gripped me in anger
and I could not plant a seed.

When I could not produce a litter
you said your time with me was through.
You tried to procure another
your intent was less than true.

But in your haste to waste another
my situation was found out.
I was brought out of the darkness
by a rescue group with clout.

I was finally touched with love and care
and got to see the sun.
I was rid of all the sickness
and was shown that life is fun.

Now I’m living with another
and she treats me like a queen.
I’m just one of many rescues
who find such joy in being free.


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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