Dogs of Confusion (A Rhyme)

I’m chatting with them nightly like they have something to say;
three dogs held in confusion; no more room to run and play.
Toenails tapping endlessly along the kitchen floor;
if someone doesn’t light someplace I’m closing all the doors.

I understand that things have changed; adjustments must be made.
But they’re like pent-up lions being forced inside a cage.
They can’t decide with whom to sleep; from bed to bed they go.
I’m wondering if loyalties have them hopping to and fro.

I’ll gladly skip their company each night to get some sleep,
but then they start the scratching, and the pacing makes me weep.
I hate to close them out at night, I hate to make them choose;
yet my sleep is more important than a show of who loves who.

In time they’ll all get used to smaller spaces and less freedom.
A walk, the park, a romp inside will be all they’ll need to please them.
In time the house will be at night as it used to be;
And, my two dogs will snuggle, once again with only me.


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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