It was to be offered out slowly
She did not see that
She gave it quickly from a good place
Pure of heart

It was to supply a generation
He thought that; He arranged it
One wish meant to keep them together
Those who mix like oil spilled in the ocean

It wasn’t an heirloom; though he thought it
One suffered to keep it; one suffered to take it
Instructions for its preservation unclear
An intention too late to understand

As those who came before; she was duped
Rehearsed caring and forced smiles
Kept the belly of ignorance well-fed
They never knew what crawled beneath the surface

Too late now; Neither can grab it back
What remains will now be guarded
What was given pure is now stained
Green to red; back to the crumbling earth


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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