Her flowers grew in perfect order;
tended to with care.
The books arranged from big to smaller;
out-of-place was rare.

The blankets all were neatly folded;
smelling fresh and clean.
The food was laid out on the plate;
the meat was always lean.

Each day’s routine a perfect dance;
from waking until dreaming.
She didn’t know the Gods above
were tracking her and scheming.

They watched for years as time went by;
in structured mundane silence.
They watched in silent fury with a mood
akin to violence.

The time to shake her up had come;
The group of Gods now mused.
The time to send a person in;
To light a long-dead fuse.

He walked into the room
And threw her books upon the floor.
He pulled apart the order;
And turned around to look for more.

He spotted her inside the room;
and like a magnet drew her to him.
She melted in his arms;
and let the order turn to ruin.

The Gods smiled down from up on high;
their work was finally done
They set two lonely hearts on fire;
it was really such good fun.


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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