The Boxer

The boxer sat inside a room with a face already beaten.
Three fights had left the boxer stunned, confused; but not retreating.
Concussions, knuckles bloodied; kidney punches take their toll.
The boxer played a part in all; it was a starring role.

Those fights long gone, they left their mark.
The battles long since passed.
Did the boxer have the strength for four;
Or take a pass on this new match?

With a steady determination the boxer pranced up to the ring.
The ropes were slowly parted, it was time to do this thing.
The boxer faced the new opponent; looked deeply in his eyes.
Then the boxer dropped on to her knees letting out a strangled cry.

With no more strength to throw a punch, this boxer’s time was done.
She left the ring.
She had her day.
Her moment in the sun.


About afabulous

Let's see where the words take us - shall we?
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